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Memento Mori

Date: 1/3/2145
Subject: Agito
Codename: "Helix"
Location: White Africa

"Hey? H? you there?"

Agito woke from his slumber stirred by the scratchy static of the intercom.
"Damn dreams."

"H? your starting to worry me what's going on? Don't tell me your sleeping."

Agito looked over to his left, the view screen that he had left on was switched to audio only on his side which explained why his operator, James couldn't tell if he was asleep or not.

"No James I'm not sleeping I had it tuned to mute, sorry.
And what did I tell you about using just H? I picked Helix for a reason you know I would appreciate it if you actually used my name once in a while."

James back at HQ was a mercenary just like Agito but he was in the operating division of there company, he had no need for a codename. There Client, Rayleonard  was a major World industry they had recently raised to the top of the bar after the Kojima wars, there entire company specialized in Over Boosters, Laser Blades , and Primal Armor for the advanced weapon system called Armored Core, but during these Kojima wars, at the peak of Rayleonard's business in that time, A new type of Armored Core emerged dubbed Next's Rayleonard is now the worlds leading Next/Kojima manufacturer.

"Stop yelling at me and power up the mission timer is about to start.
Want me to go over the mission one last time?"

Agito thought it over and decided he would benefit from it so he blinked his green acknowledgement light.

"Alright Rayleonard  is the client just like last time they were impressed with your performance so there looking to us again. They want you to cripple GA America's foothold here in White Africa to strengthen ties with Algebra corporation.
GA's top rank NEXT :Star Cluster: Is a GA Quad Legged type Heavy, dependant on cannons and AC tracking missiles it's pilot is one Miley Jason she is a particularly stubborn women she won't go down without a fight…your gonna need to be Quick…do you think that Blood Right can handle it?"

Agito Smiled through his mandibles lips his shark like teeth bone white.

"Oh I'll be Quick James you think that Rayleonard was impressed before just wait till I'm done with this joke Of a Linx they'll be especially proud to see my new baby in action."

Agito's NEXT, :Blood Right: was a Rayleonard Alicia Reverse leg type, Medium, Equipped with all of Rayleonard's top weaponry including the powerful and accurate 04-MARVE Assault Rifle, and Rayleonard's new extremely long high intensity MOONLIGHT laser blade.

"Blood Right is operational Kojima reactor spinning up, Primal Armor coming online,
Main booster has engaged thrust."

"code name Helix you are cleared for mission start."

Blood Right surged forward with a scream it's boosters pushing maximum output.
The Rainforest trees that had been Agito's camouflage to hide his NEXT's pitch black blood red paint job now burst as the where thrown aside by his momentum slamming into them. His inverse jointed legs pushed off the ground and his boosters slightly strained to lift his crafts heavy frame from the ground. Blood Right then blasted forward his boosters pushed into overdrive, Kojima enhanced flame flung itself from the boosters inner core.

A shell boomed loader than all of this causing Agito to loose his Zen-like power state and snap back from his happy demeanor he got from pushing his NEXT to the limit.

"This is Jackson Moore Operator for :Star Cluster:"
"And this is Miley Jason Linx for :Star Cluster:"

"Your presence will be treated as a threat if you do not leave to the coordinates we are sending to you."

"You will have one minute to comply"

Agito Smiled and relaxed again he was wondering how fast it would take them to discover he was targeting them and now he knew.

"you hear that James? Damn these guys are slow to the chase, even the tech they have is slow."
Agito pushed again the handles that handled the crafts boosters and Blood right once again darted off as fast as a machine that weighs hundreds of tons can.

"Helix your Primal Armor can't keep it's stability at your current speed if you continue at this rate it's going to take a few seconds the recharge to full coverage, and I for one think your gonna need every point of it."

"James your not the Linx in the cockpit are you once im in close her cannons won't keep up with me."

"missiles coming in fast watch yourself"

The missiles slammed into Blood Right with force but it's Primal Armor absorbed the blow. The only down side was that now it's Primal Armor was at a minimum even if it held together by the time Agito would get to the GA facility it would only take the brunt of a couple shots before fading.

Agito didn't stop in fact he sped up his Primal Armor began to dissolve away it's protective barrier beginning to dissipate.

"This is Agito, Linx of the mercenary NEXT  :Blood Right: to Miley Jason."

"You have continued on your course you are now a threat to GA America prepare yourself fellow Linx."

"Spare me your company bullshit! You and I both know how this will end Miley
Give your will to Rayleonard and survive I will take it from you and you'll have no choice."

A silence filled the channel, Static the only noise audible above the now slowing thrust of Agito's NEXT as he reached the target.

"Miley? Your Answer?"

"My answer…is fall Fang King!"

Agito's Eyes darted to the side his NEXT's eye cameras caught the movement of Star Cluster lazily dragging it's self from behind one of the buildings.

Two shots exploded from the barrel of her cannon and a hail of missiles followed.
Blood Right locked on the center missile and Agito Fired three rounds from his MARVE rifle. The shots connected with the missile group causing a massive chain reaction of explosions. Two missiles survived the attack and struck home on Blood Right's thin Primal Armor shield completely destroying the shield's previously weak stability and with a dull flash the kojima current that made the shield tore asunder, and with a cloud of kojima radiation Blood Right zoomed forward his MARVE firing round after round at Star Cluster

"Give up Miley I take no pleasure in breaking any Linx."

"That's not what I hear Rayleonard dog!"

Miley's Australian accent gave off so much emotion to Agito the strongest was of course determination but it still sounded like fear.

Finally Agito was in close his MOONLIGHT laser blade activated and his thrusters boomed with a scream so loud even Agito didn't hear the attack from behind. His blade struck Star Cluster's arm severing it from the NEXT's heavy core.

Star Cluster was of course equipped with shoulder weapons that could easily make up for the loss of fire power, but Agito's swing was perfect he had also severed half the barrel of Miley's shoulder cannon if she fired the round would explode before even leaving the gun. Miley knew that…

The Shoulder cannon itself ejected from the frame and Star Cluster dragged it's heavy bulk forward, it's eyes scanning for Blood Right.

Miley gasped…

"H! this is James we are getting readings that you have a right leg malfunction please say it ain't so brother."

James in addition to being Agito's radio operator he was also Blood Right's mechanic when they where too short on money or felt like being tight on there wallets. This time the where short on money. And the more damage done to Blood Right meant less free time for James to read his "educational magazines"  as he puts it.

"Right leg joint is free I'm not getting any grip from the other gears I'm setting her down to push it back in pl-"

Miley stared wide eyed at the new NEXT on the field for two reasons one because it was old I mean really old this NEXT might even be classified as NORMAL which were the building blocks for a NEXT but that was all they were but mere blocks on any battle field they shared with a NEXT, but that wasn't what really stole Miley's attention it was the fact that this belonged to Rayleonard one of there first NEXT designs based on old technology.

"Fellow Linx Agito and Miley Jason"

The unidentified NEXT projected the voice through a speaker system so all could hear.
This is the Operator of Bloodied Mist… we are declaring a collard order match on your Next.

"Aargh!" Agito grimaced.

He never backed down from an order match they where the entire foundation that he stood on, his self given title of fang king was all because he held rank 5 for a year straight.

Is he doing this on  purpose to keep me from my objective? Agito pondered

"Agito here I except but I let you know you are getting in my way there will be no mercy on you."

:Bloodied Mist: was a Rayleonard Lahire standard leg, medium  equipped for aerial combat and armed with it's own personalized energy lance and a simple handgun Designed for NEXT on NEXT combat.

Blood Right's thrusters activated again flames bursting from the exhaust ports.

The new NEXT Bloodied mist Activated his thrusters as well but there was a big difference this Linx added powerful secondary boosters to aid his forward and side thrusters to Agito they looked integrated into  the shoulder weapon ports and back weapon ports which meant that they themselves were being powered by the NEXT's core just like a normal weapon.

Agito played it over in his head this next was going to be fast extremely fast, now if he was faster that would be an entirely different story, no way any NEXT was faster than Blood Right.

Blood Right Screamed forward Agito would keep this infernal Linx on the ground where his air superior NEXT wouldn't have a prayer. Agito Activated Blood Right's MOONLIGHT blade and lunged forward only to cut through air where metal should have been.

Agito controlled Blood Right to turn, Blood Right's Eyes scanned the field Bloodied mist had gotten behind him at the last minute. Agito boosted to the side to evade the incoming volley of bullets from Bloodied Mist's handgun.

They clashed as Blood Right turned to counter his opponents attack, Blood Right's MOONLIGHT against Bloodied Mist's new Energy Lance. Kojima energy bursting into a blinding light…
this is the new story I said I was gonna write (well type)
it is gonna have alot of stuff from differant games
some that I know will make the cross over are.
1.Armored Core
2.Halo(of course)

some vocab that some people will need to know are as follows.

NEXT: a mech with tremendous abilities, built from companies that pretty much control whats left of the world.

Linx: the pilots of NEXTs.

Operaters: someone who watches over A Linx's and there NEXT's data during feild opperations.

NORMALS:the mainline force of any army replaced by NEXTs.

Kojima: The power source of NEXTs and some weaponry it's highly radio active just having a NEXT dart through an Area will make human life impossible strangly enough though it doesn't effect the Linx.

Primal Armor: A shell of Kojima particles designed to slow the velocity of incoming projectiles to better protect a NEXT.

(Unoraptormon your comish is almost done I need to know what else you want me to do)
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